Areas of Services

Armed Security Details


Security Personnel for Premises Patrol, Surveillance and Monitoring, Access Control, Parking Lot Security, Special Event, Traffic and Crowd Management, Crisis Management, Security Assessments

Training and Education for church staff, volunteers, and congregants


Urgent Intervention and De-Escalation, Visitor Management, Patient and Staff Safety, Parking Lot Security, Asset Protection, CCTV Surveillance

Security Training Programs for Hospital Staff,


Private and Public Campuses, Universities, Community Colleges

Patrol of the School Premises, Monitor Access Points, Emergency Response, and Ensure the Safety of Students, Staff, and Visitors.

After Hour Events: Games, Fairs, Graduation, Concerts

Personal Protection

Corporate executives, public figures, and individuals of high net worth can take advantage of our Escorting, Transport, Body Guard, Production/Entertainment

Patrols — Private & Commercial Property

Businesses, Retail & Commercial facilities, Hotels, Construction, Residential Neighborhoods, Gated Communities, Apartment Complexes, Estates, and other Private Properties

Special Events

Weddings, Quinceaneras, Parties,
Sporting, Concerts/Festivals, Shows/Plays, Competitions, Fairs, Ceremonies, Premieres, Charity Galas, Rallies, Red Carpet, Trade Shows, Exhibitions

Professional Training

Concealed Weapons

Training involving Florida State Statues (F.S.S.), local laws, and best practices. You will be required to fire your weapon to show  your proficiency during the course of training.

Specialty Training

We are qualified to provide tactical training
and personal protection. We also offer active assailant training.

Weapon Familiarization

If you are new to the idea of owning a weapon, this course is designed to slowly bring you up to a comfortable level of proficiency that you can build on.  Weapon safety and operation, reloading and target acquisition.